Art contemporain

Located in the heart of the European continent, Brussels naturally became an international centre for contemporary art. The cultural landscape changes the face of the city. New museums, art centres and exhibitions are making the Belgian capital one of Europe’s top destinations, including the future opening of KANAL Centre Pompidou (closed for renovation until 2020). In terms of creation, Brussels has many assets: the streets are marked by countless galleries and collections to please an ever-increasing international audience. Not a day goes by without an event coming to stimulate its cultural life: the opening of an exhibition, a fair or trade show, a conference or guided tour… Contemporary art is alive in Brussels. It’s even spilling out onto the streets and walls of the city. Numerous players contribute to the richness of its arts scene: the WIELS, BOZAR, the MIMA, the Centrale For Contemporary Art, the Fondation Boghossian and the Vanhaerents Collection. In short, Brussels is as eager as ever to share its passion for art with you!


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