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The visit.brussels online sales guide is accessible to all, but is first and foremost aimed at professionals from the travel industry, namely tour operators, travel agents, coach companies and group organisers.

It provides a complete overview of all activities and attractions in our city. These are then divided into specific themes which best represent Brussels, e.g. Art Nouveau, comics, heritage, etc. Each activity or attraction is explained in a file containing valuable information such as rates, contact details, languages in which the activity or attraction is provided, and much more. These files will allow travel professionals to take immediate action, should they wish to suggest an activity or attraction to their clients.

The entire purpose of the sales guide is to advertise the tremendous potential of Brussels and boost creativity with travel professionals in order for them to perk up, enhance or change their offer whilst making them and their clients eager to discover and get a better idea of the city. Equally important, the sales guide limits research and hence lightens the workload considerably.

In addition, the visit.brussels online sales guide obviously contains information on upcoming events, accommodation providers, coach parking details, visit.brussels contact information and other relevant data.

We trust this unique tool will benefit all travel professionals worldwide and encourage them to choose Brussels as their preferred destination. Rest assured that we will keep on improving and updating the offer in a city that is always on the move.