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You’re going to love evenings and nights in Brussels! In just a few steps, you can go from setting to another. Sometimes it’s an exotic, trendy or lounge setting, sometimes it’s a swanky setting for music lovers or foodies. You can also enjoy Brussels’ characteristic diversity into the night, with techno, electro, house, rap, hip hop and funk nights, as well as R&B, ragga, dancehall and oldies music. On top of this, there is also jazz. Jazz has always been part of Brussels’ DNA. Let’s remind ourselves how personalities like Adolph Sax, Toots Thielemans and Django Reinhardt have shaped the history of jazz. Today it is still a vivid place for jazz, as evidenced by its daily live concerts in bars, clubs and bigger venues. With its jazz concerts, rooftop parties, gay-friendly parties, club parties, festival-closing parties or jams until the small hours, Brussels is brimming with wonderful events in an electric and friendly atmosphere, which is characteristic of Brussels. The cherry on the cake is that prices are very reasonable (€10 on average) and night buses take you home if you don’t fancy staying any longer.

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