Urban culture

Street art, tattoo parlours, skate & roller parks, record stores, streetwear shops… Now more than ever, urban culture is a subject that has grabbed the imagination of young people (and those who are young at heart) all over the world. Not surprisingly, Brussels follows the trend. Street artists represent the voice of a constantly evolving capital city. They exhibit their work in public spaces, in plain view of all those with a keen eye who can spot it. Whether commissioned or spontaneous, monumental, controversial or more discreet, the artworks cover building walls, benches, lamp posts, shop fronts and facades, using the city itself as an exhibition space. And there is more: break dance battles, rap & slam contests, Belgian hip-hop scene, beatbox workshops… Urban culture is alive and kicking, and due to get livelier in Brussels. And one more thing: make sure to stop by the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art presenting the most significant art of its time.


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